volaer.io remains operational and on course

Günther Kasties takes over the management


Last week Ralf Schmitt, our managing director of volaer.io GmbH, passed away unexpectedly. The shareholders of the OECON Group and the employees of the company are deeply saddened by his unexpected death.

Ralf Schmitt took over the management of volaer.io GmbH only in September 2020. With his death, the OECON Group loses an entrepreneur with immense creative power, a pioneer and trailblazer who was committed to ensuring that the topic of “drones for professional use” was given appropriate importance in politics and business. He was a motor and maker who put all his energy into the further development of volaer.io.

Ralf Schmitt was not only a brilliant and imaginative businessman, he also cultivated intensive friendships with his business partners. He enjoyed great respect at home and abroad and was known for accepting and successfully solving even extraordinary challenges.

It is a great concern of the shareholders and employees to continue the history of Ralf Schmitt and thus of volaer.io GmbH. Everyone is sure that this is what Ralf would have wanted.

So how will we proceed?

To ensure that volaer.io GmbH remains capable of acting, Günther Kasties, managing partner of OECON Holding & Consulting GmbH, took over the management of the company. As an experienced businessman, he will continue to manage the company in Ralf Schmitt’s spirit and style and further expand it in a stable manner.